venerdì 26 settembre 2014

5/2014 Bye bye little one

I'm actually getting to know so many real world wide problems, but yet whatever happens in our own lives, in our own families does affect us deeply. It might not appear as something huge, but yet it's sort of heart-breaking.

It's heart-breaking to say goodbye to a wonderful dog who's been so tender and a huge cuddles-catcher...

We all miss you Tobi

lunedì 22 settembre 2014

4/2014 Keep calm and...

ok, it was not supposed to have such a horrible title this post, but well... we can't plan everything, can we?
so what is it? My pc's crap! Simply saying it's slow would be a fantastic compliment to it. IT'S REMARCABLY SLOW... and we are having an argument on that

and it's definitively winning. It doesn't allow me to access internet; so how is  it possibile I'm writing and posting right now? We had a deal, I promised to talk about it... Cutting a very long awful story short, I admit it does connect to the web, but not to the sites I decide.... please don't tell me it's a virus, it can't be sick right now... E.G. I need to check the news? I can do it, but not on the pages I want... it would only open other sites I just try to open in order to check the connection.... I want gmail? No way, but if I try my yahoo account  then it's fine... Do I need yahoo? No way, it's gmail time now.... AAAHHH!!!!!

Anyway, let's talk about my daily  wonderful life here in Bruxelles. What to say? I've just spent a couple of interesting weeks. The first workshop was called "Deep democracy and conflicts facilitation"; google it, it's worth it; ok I give you a link, just click here. So many things to know, so little time to learn them.

The other workshop was about FI, try to guess what it is... ok ok I tell ya: Franciscan International. It's the Franciscan ONG @ the UN; it has offices in Ginive and New York.... I simply have to choose where to go... yeah right. Check it out, it's a very interesting website and you can see the amount of works those friars, and not only friars, keep doing for the "unheard voices of the world".

And randomly thoughts:

- I'm helping a brother studying English
- I've found a grammar book of Juba Arabic... God help me
- Indian meal was fabulous (we all ate with our hands, no forks or knives allowed)
- I went swimming (the doc said I had to)
- I'll speak hindenglih by the end of these 90 days
- and finally randomly pics: if they're crooked it's because my pc doesn't allow me to work on them,     so just turn you pc :-)

ok ok I know this is a video not a pic. but hey,,,, I could not access my photo now... :-( and beside that, you think it is easy? Can you only imagin how much time it's actually taking to upload this video? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,100...1234125....46656345242..... ok I stop counting I just wait...

let's try again with some pics

This was taken during a visit @ the European Institutions, really interesting.... but I'd rather go to work in Africa, therefore... I'm getting ready, hopefully!!

Well that's it for now

God bless you all and write again soon MUNGU KAPENDA

Br. Freddy

venerdì 12 settembre 2014

3/2014 Randomly thoughts and pics from Bruxelles

Really interesting and refreshing

Cool Friars around and from around the world (more or less) - the whole bunch arrived and here we are

The Cappuccins
                   and in order     Tanzania  India      India     Tanzania      India

The Conventuals
all from India
and the Minors
                                          Italy            Kenya     Italy    Philippines  Italy

ok, keeping talking randomly 

-  Wednesday was Italian dinner and the menu was: maccheroni al ragu', scaloppin al limone, peperonata, and the most ever tasting tiramisu.

- MBTI workshop cool

- The Self perception of in a different culture workshop was ok

and we worked outside

and we worked inside

- we visited the Conventual friars of Bruxelles

- That's it for now

bye bye and God bless you all

lunedì 8 settembre 2014

2/2014 Wandering in Brussels

Monday, already... Where have I been the whole weekend? Easy answer: in Brussels city centre.

The whole bunch of friars decided to visit the city centre and we where all pleased to see that the city itself was longing to welcome us; in fact, as soon as we got out of the metro

we found a parade organized for our welcoming... yeah right...

you should have seen the smiling faces of the african friars who are in a western Country for the first time.
There people everywhere, walking everywhere, taking picture everywhere, running everywhere... I mean... give it a rest...

ok. well done!

Anyway. I've been in Brussels some years ago and I just remember two things: rain and...more rain, but luckily enough not this time. Weather-wise we've been treated well and we could go around the city easily and see things and meet people and meet even strange people

and I also happened to someone waiting for love

I do hope she turned up as he was really looking around with a huge bunch of red roses in his hand - bless him...

And about the city, most important things first:

I should be able to taste them all by the end of the programme. HEY I'm going to South Sudan soon and I need to store energies!!!  ;-)

And a bit of Brussels

The Royal Palace

 The amazing Atomium:

 and here and there shops and buildings

The Cathedral

You would be happy to know that the three friars from India made their way to Europe, they arrived yesterday and I'll soon send pics of all of us. We're a good bunch I have to say.

Well my friends, off I go now as we'll soon have our MBTI test.

God bless you all

br. Freddy

PS: on Wednesday we're having italian night, any suggestions on what to cook?

sabato 6 settembre 2014

1/2014 News from Brussels

ok, here I am with my new blog; why?

First of all 'cause I mistakenly cancelled my previous one :-(

Secondly: 'cause I'm going through a new beginning, something I was really looking forward.

Well, as most of you know I'm in Brussels now attending an inter-franciscan missionary programme which will lead me to the up coming mission in South Sudan.

I've been here not even a week and it seems it's going to be challenging and interesting. We've just been introduced to the MBTI and we'll make the test next week; I'll let you know the outcome; as for now I believe I am EFNP person but let's see what  the expert will say.

This was just a glimps of what we're going through here; but let me take you to the actual place, just a couple of pics (more to come obviously):

The Church - I bet you would have never guessed...)

The main corridor of the Friary - another difficult guess I believe...

and finally the best bit

The one with the Mexican sombrero comes from Tanzania, his name is Amedeus, yet he was baptised as Deusdedit, but as his sisters kept teasing him calling him DDT - like the pesticide - he changed his name.
Mr blue t-shirt is Gianfrancesco the guardian here and in charge of all of us; please pray  for him.
Then we have BiJoy, who I keep calling BIGJOY and his connational from Kerala br. Tom.

Pictures of other friars will follow  soon.

Well that's it for  now

bye bye