giovedì 30 ottobre 2014

6/2014 feeling like on a catapult

I've been here almost two months and I did not feel like posting much as we entered into a sort of classes routine.
Actually we've been out three day in Boon and Koeln. Did you know that in Koeln there's one of the most amazing medieval cathedral? It's huge, it's wide, it's long, it's old, and it was also closed when I tried to get into it... Well all the other friars managed to visit it, but while we were walking to get into it some people asked me to take them a pictures; I did and when I turned to join the bunch of friars who got into the cathedral I saw the door closing just before my nose... I got so cross....  Anyway, anyone can find so many pics of it in internet... as if...

As I think I haven't mentioned to some of you, that I'm going to South Sudan with another Italian friar named Marco Freddi; so here we are: he's family name is Freddi and I am called Freddy, we're both 38; we're both from Emilia Romagna (for those who do not know, Emilia Romagna is the best region in Italy) and we are both - obviously - very handsome :-)

We are already doing all the papers to get the VISA and, first things first, we already have our one-way ticket to Juba. We got our ticket yesterday and it's been kind of... kind of... don't know, but it looks as if we're really going at the end.

As usual some random pics

this is Marco Freddi

Here we're in Bruge waiting to go on a boat trip... Africans were rather scared...

I've learned how to fly... I wish... I went on a carousel (?) I'm not sure of this word... but anyhow, it was rather scaring being so high up sitting on a tiny chair... but I still want to fly

That's it for now
God bless you all

br. Freddy