domenica 23 novembre 2014

14/2014 the praise of the difference

And for the first time ever I celebrated Mass, as a deacon, inside the Porziuncola. And for the first time I post one of my homilies. Special place, special God...

If there had to be a title I would say: “The annunciation and the praise of the difference”…
In today gospel we read: “the angel Gabriel”, “a town called Nazareth…”, “a man named Joseph”, “the virgin name was Mary” and finally “you must name him Jesus”.
We notice that we are given precise details of the situation and most of all the names of the characters. In the biblical reading names are of paramount importance. Giving names, or receiving names means something new is happening, it usually means that God is planning something innovative; he’s beginning a new story. Yet, since the book of genesis we understand that God doesn’t do anything without our cooperation . He created all that existed, or better he put order in everything that existed and than said to man (humanity) “name everything”. And later on God named Abram as Abraham and Sara became Sarai… so on and so forth. In today’s Gospel Mary, that we know to be the new Eve, is asked to do something extraordinary “you must call him Jesus”. She’s asked to give a specific name, chosen by God himself, to the son which will be given to her. We are in front of a new creation! I believe here lies the greatest novelty that human history has ever faced “a God, with his own name, dwells amongst us”.
Why have I said all this? Because sometimes recognising the presence of God (A God with his own name) in our own lives is not easy, and sometimes is scaring while other times is joy and hope and love. Just think of what happened to Mary; the angel said “rejoice, you enjoyed God’s favour; god is with you” and what is her reaction? Deeply disturbed. I wonder whether this should be the proper reaction to the presence of God in our own lives. Especially as missionaries we shall be ready to be deeply disturbed and most of all disturbed by God’s plan which most of the times are not ours. We have been told how to make a perfect project once we are in mission, how to organize a mission, and what to do in certain circumstances… but I feel the gospels of today is telling us something more “be ready to what is going to be so different from what you are used to an don’t cling on it”. What about if Mary had said “I’m sorry Mr. Gabriel… this is not how it works, I have to get properly married first; the Scriptures forbid me to have a son right now…” Mary was open to a new way, to something completely new and different. Are we ready to recognise Jesus where we think he cannot be, or worse where he shall not be, or even worse where he ought not to be…,“or do we want to go to mission with everything ready-made in our mind?”.

In some way this is what st. Francis did, he recognised the presence of Jesus in every man, and the presence of the living God in every creature. He let himself to constantly be surprised by God who talked to him in so many different ways. God is not a “right” of our Church; God does not belong to the Catholic Church, but it is rather the opposite: every man on earth, knowing it or not “belongs to God who’s a loving Father”.

God bless you all

giovedì 20 novembre 2014

13/2014 with other people's eyes

I've come back from Brussels, spent one night in Rome and then off to Assisi. Yes, Assisi! I've been here many times and I know all the places but still... still... God and St. Francis and this time St.Clare too surprised me a lot.

Maybe it's the last time I come here for a long time or maybe not; who knows. Yet I want to keep a good memory of these places where Francis walked and changed many people's lives.

Today we prayed in front of the Crucifix that talked to St. Francis

and we were also welcomed to see the original tomb of St.Clare.
There are no words sorry.

God bless you all

lunedì 17 novembre 2014

12/2014 reading reading reading reading reading reading... and so on and so forth...

I'm a very good reader by which I mean I love reading, mainly fantasy books, but at the end of the day any kind of book.

Few days ago I bought 8 e-books for only 0.89 euro. I had some doubts: to many books for such little money; but anyway I tried as I thought they were 8 short fantasy stories; I was wrong.

When I downloaded them in my amazing kindle I immediately begun to read the first novel and after a while I checked my progress (kindle tells you the percentage of the reading and how many hours to finish either the whole book or the chapter). I was @ 1%... I kept reading 1%... I kept reading 1% and I kept reading and... guess... yes! still 1%... I thought my kindle went crazy so I checked how many hours of reading I have to go through to finish the books.... it said more than 60 hours... flabbergasted... I checked the index; I actually bought 25663 worth pages stories.... OMG... I mean... let's hope they are good stories!

I doubt I'll be able to read the whole of it without interrupting with other books. Just sign this day on you your calendar (the-day-when-I-started-reading).

here is my bargain:

God bless you all

sabato 15 novembre 2014

11/2014 Mysterious post

... and you wake up thinking....
and this thought deepens in you during Mass...
and then a brother tells you
"I'm happy .... ... .... .... .... .... you!"
and everything is clear and you Believe more!

God bless you all
br. Freddy

giovedì 13 novembre 2014

10/2014 Indian VS Italian food

As every Wednesday happens (I know it's Thursday today, but I'm talking about last night!!) we have our "Flavours of the world supper" and last night we run out of nationalities so that the Indians friars and myself volunteered to cook some typical dish. It was 5 against 1 (I was the one obviously).

So that was the menu:

Indian Chicken and PEROTTA - I really really loved both of them:


and when they cooked Perotta I cooked some fried rise (rise fritters?)

I have to say that everything was really good!

God bless you all
br. Freddy

lunedì 10 novembre 2014

9/2014 This is the day

I'm  taking all the documents to the Embassy, maybe by the end of the week I'll have my VISA to South Sudan; I know there are people who are praying for the contrary, but...

as for photos stream:
I took this pic in Bruge; a beautiful town north of Brussels

and I took this one in my room :-)

... and temptations are made of Belgian chocolate...

have a wonderful life everyone!

and God bless you all
br. Freddy

mercoledì 5 novembre 2014

8/2014 just to end the day

I have to say I had a quiet and still day. As every Wednesday we had a "flavour of the world dinner", which means we cook our typical food and every Wed it's from a different country.  Last week we had a very mouth-watering Indian meal and tonight it was Italian style. Luckily enough there're two Italian guests who wanted to cook so that I had a chance to spend my whole afternoon doing stuff (I love this word... STUFF... it sounds good in my mouth).
Anyway, the most important bit is that I have "published/blogged/posted" a short story I'd written some time ago and you can find it on my other blog:, and sorry but it's all in Italian. I'm also trying to learn how to use a programme to write books :-) yes I want to write a book, a fantasy book. One day you'll find it on the bookshop shelves. Promise. I will write it in Italian, but just to make practice on how to use that programme I am writing another short story in English... I can't imagine how many mistakes I'll do, but who cares; they say we learn from our mistakes therefore... no problem!!

Well, then we prayed, I had dinner, I had a call, and I kept whatsapping with four people simultaneously.

Simple day which I want to end by posting a pic I took a couple of days ago in the park nearby.

God bless you all and goodnight!
br. Freddy

PS: my next door brother is already snoring... :-(

domenica 2 novembre 2014

7/2014 different things I've learnt

This weekend, which is coming to its end, I've learned some new things which I'm going to list in no particular order:

1) Never give for granted anything! Surprises are always behind the corner (Literal translation of an Italia saying; sorry).
2) Be careful on what you ask God; He might answer.
3) Even if you are in a very bad mood for no precise reason keep saying thanks to God; he might listen to you again and show how silly you are.
4) Go to visit places you've already seen; you might notice something new.
5) Go to visit places you've already seen; you might notice things are exactly the same as the last time and it's cool as # 4.
6) Getting VISA is very: complicated/frustrating/wasting-time/stressful.
7) If # 6 ends well I shall leave to Africa within 71 days.
8) # 7 is very exiting/scaring.
9) Time you spent with friends is sooooooooo precious.
10) # 9 is not something I've just learned; but something I've just lived again :-)
11) My dad bought a new car.

And now the usual photo-tour:

This one refers to #9.

Signature of Maria Teresa of Austria and it means that people I have studied in my history books have actually existed and it was not some made up torture for poor students.

One day I'll write a story about this man/statue contemplating the Eiffel Tower

I just liked this pic; I took it in Paris

Cats in Brussels like books

Obviously #11

Bye bye everyone and God bless you
br. Freddy