sabato 20 dicembre 2014

16/2014 an amazing gift

yes, it's been an amazing gift, not for me, but for His Church and for everyone who took part to those wonderful days. I've seen friends I hadn't seen for such a long time; I expected about 150 people but there were more 300... and we prayed and we praised and we gave thanks.

it was not a goal achieved, but rather a new and wonderful starting point

Thanks to everyone who made that day possible and thanks to everyone who, by his/her prayers, keep that day alive for the years to come!

God bless you all

br. Freddy

lunedì 1 dicembre 2014

15/2014 this is what I like

First of all I like too many things, some of them are good, others really good, but some are not, not at all. I won't make a list of any of them, but today I've done something I would do every day because many good things are actually involved:
1) Friends
2) Relations
3) Nature
4) Good smell
5) Physical fatigue
6) Silence
7) Good talks too
8) Company

Are you wondering what I've done?

God bless you all

Br. Freddy

PS: and it's also a wonderful anti-stress pre-ordination work...

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