sabato 17 gennaio 2015

1/2015 South Sudan - Juba

My dearest friends; here I am in Juba; a far land in space and time I would dare to say. I thought I would have been very exited the first day, but I believe I was more scared. It's not been easy at all stepping into this red-sand Country. I've been here four days now and I admit that it's getting better any day; thank be to God who called me here to meet me in ways I cannot understand yet or foresee. I trust Him and this is, should be, enough!

The internet connection is very slow and I can only access via mobile phone; no social networks; I will only try to update this blog once in a while.

It is five of us in the fraternity; one from Mexico but of American passport, one Australian, one from Slovakia and two Italians. We speak English in the house and I don't speak outside… J I will need to learn either Arabic Juba or Baari, the two main languages spoken in this Country.

The day after our arrival we went out for a recollection day to a village on the Nile river. Amazing. I had and still have no words. I was sitting by the river; the river that thousands of years ago and far away in a land called Egypt, saved Moses. I can only see a huge forest and some round huts made of mud and straw (not sure of this words). As soon as we arrive there some children come to stare at us; we are the different ones; we are "abuna" which means father.  There is a chapple which seems to be falling soon.

While sitting by the river I also think of the book of Genesis where Gods asks human kind to dominate over the earth and all the animals. Those people really live in accordance with nature and we shall learn from them. I feel my eyes "thirsty" of such beauty. Africa is dangerous. It calls and reject at the same time. Something inside me is already telling "this is your land", I'm to scared and I already miss my home Country and friends and brothers and family, yet… yet this is a place where I have been called to be and where the Church has sent me.

I have to be sort here as I want to send also some pictures; hopefully the connection will allow me to do it.

I please ask for prayers and sorry if I cannot contact everyone individually.

Take care all of you and God bless you

Br. Freddy