mercoledì 30 marzo 2016

38/2016 Lidia is doing well


Lidia is doing well;mamma mia she's so tiny! She's  even got some strengths to get milk from her mother; yet it is not sufficient and the hospital had to give her a "special"milk as they say here as they have no other means to feed her. That"special" milk is very very expensive, but people have already offered to pay for it; let't keep praying and hoping in our Lord God of Life.

More good news!

We've had our first Catholic Marriage in our Parish; it's a been a great event for the whole community; the Church was absolutely packed:

Moses & Lilian

Have a good dayall of you
Salaam Takum
Abuna Loro

venerdì 25 marzo 2016

37/2016 A tiny life little story

This time of the year is the one I like most! I love the Paschal Triduum! Three days and three nights and one liturgy. Actually, I have to confess something: to me only three days, no nights.. I am totally and I repeat totally unable to stay awake in the night; and saying “by night” I mean after 9.30 pm… my eyes would start bleeding;  I've always been like that. I can wake up very early, 4 or 5 and no problem, but night time… no no no it’s not for me. And besides the Gospel says we children of the light not of the night :-) 
This year I’ve tried some night adoration… forget it… I can’t be perfect, can I?

Anyway, Thursday morning we all went to  the Cathedral for Chrism Mass with the Bishop and we were many priests, so many that I do wonder where all those priests are during the year. After having renewed our promises to  the Bishop I did run to the hospital and I tell you why.

A friend of mine had his wife pregnant and in the last month she’s been recovered in hospital due to a very hight blood pressure. The baby was in danger and so the mother. The doctors said they wanted to take the baby, 7th month, otherwise they both would have risked their life. Yet they were not sure if the baby would survive the operation. Two nights before the operation the mother naturally delivered and the baby safely put in an incbator. The problem is that the hospital has not electricity for many hours during the day….
Well, Thursday I run to the hospital and I baptized the little girl, she was so tiny; her had as big as my fist. She was named Lidia; I have already fallen in love with her.
Yesteday the father told me that Lidia is doing amazingly well; she even has some strength to get some milk from the mother even if it is not enough.
I think it was reall good to renew my promises as priest and then run to baptize a little baby who's fighting for life.
This is a pic of people praying in front of the Altar of the  Reposition in our house; it's been the very first time we did it in our parish
May God bless you all
Abuna Loro

giovedì 17 marzo 2016

36/2016 Randomly thoughts

1) In the last few days internet was working very very bad; not a big problem, I had many things to do anyway.

2) We are waiting for the rains and we got sand-storm

3) This is how our cook came yesterday; she walked almost an hour like this; she's great!!

4) Yesterday afternoon I was in the parish with the kids; whatever happens we shall never ever lose hope!

This one is called Subek and as soon as you lift him up he gets all soft like a dead body; he's really funny; many times he falls asleep while sitting on my lap. Both his parents are often drunk... This kids are simply looking for a place where they are not biten, but loved. This is what our Parish does; not much maybe; but it is worth trying to sow good seeds; other will harvest in the future.

God bless you all
Abuna Loro

domenica 13 marzo 2016

35/2016 - Sunday treat

Sometimes we feel we deserve some rest and a nice dinner. Sundays sometimes are very tiring; Someone has two masses in the parish, one goes to preason, two to the villages and another to the Refugee Camp; the heat affects us a lot too.

Therefore, let's have a Sunday night treat

And yes, hamburger and chips make us very happy

Have a good day all of you
Abuna Loro

martedì 8 marzo 2016

33/2016 - some relaxing time

Yes sometime I need some relaxing time too. But what to do in Juba? Swimming-pool are getting too expensive, by which I mean 3.5$; we cannot afford it; it's almost one month of internet...
Having a nice walk in the town, forget it... during the day tooooooo hot and as being a kawaja (White man) people do stare at me and keep ask for money... stresfull. Going out in the evening, forget it too; bullets are often randomly flying around...

Well, nothing else than reading a nice nice book (Love you kindle), while sitting and sweating in my room.

But what book? Ok, I'll simply give you some hints :-) These are the images you find on my book

and this effect is so cool if compared to the next one

I hope you'l have fun too

God bless you
Abuna Loro

mercoledì 2 marzo 2016

32/2016 - Mungula

Mungula is a game; an interesting game…

Yesterday I went again to John Loro's house with all the Youth of the Parish. The day of the burial we discovered that the family has very little money and did not know how to pay for that celebrations. A funeral lasts about 5 days and around 60 people would stop and sleep by the house of the dead. People the family has to shelter and feed. People are usually buried in the house compound; they dig a 2 meter deep hole and than they cover it with a lot of soil. After three days the flat the soil on the hole so that if you don't know that there is  a body there you would never notice.

Anyway, with the Youth we had a collection, a big collection I tell you and I don't know where those people  found all those money and brought them to the family. Generosity amongst the poor is something really touching.

Towards evening the boys - boys and girls rarely sit together - began to play mungula which you can see in the pictures. Rules are easy but to complicated to explain, so just one: get all the other player beans 😊 and you win.

During the chat, this time boys and girls togerher, there was an animated discussoin about married life here in Juba. As you might know men can get more than one wife; even catholic do that, most of them. It's a very radicated cultural tradition. Well, now the issue of marrying is very complicated as the dowary is too high or most of the Youth and cannot afford to pay for more than wife. The girls are upset as they say men should marry more than one wife. in fact, there are more girls than boys, so why should some girls not get married? A simple reason, isn't it? The love between a couple is something I still have to see here; or maybe it's so different I am unable to see it!!

Time to get on line now and see what I have to do with my e-lesson at the e-Uni.

God bless you
Abuna Loro

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