giovedì 30 giugno 2016


Dear all, such a long time since my last post; times goes very fast!

AM WELL; notwithstanding the current bad situation in the Country we are all well. We feel really sorry, to say the list, for what once again is happening in South Sudan. People are killed in their houses and they have to run aways leaving back EVERYTHING and when they go back they found their home complitely emptied. In one of the majour cities people had to run and found protection within the Cathedral; the priests welcomed everyone for few days. Some people had to  be buried in the Church Compound and food was delivered by humanitarian aids.

Anytime I think of the Youth I work here with my heart pains. I would give them the best future possible…. but if we keep at least some hope is already a goal.

Beside that as fraternity of missionary we are doing well even if we have the sad news that one of the friar is leaving; fr. Mario will soon go back to Australia; he's been in Africa many years and now life calls him back home. Well done Mario, we will never forget you. I do hope some more friars will  ask to come here; I know it is not the safest place in the world, but it i a place where God covers us with aboundant graces.

In the picture above you can see our aspirants; five youth who would like to join our Order. They'll go Uganda in a couple of days and then they shall begin a two year formation programme as postulants; I think I'm gonna miss them. They lived with us for more than three months and they're very good. Unfortunately some of them have the family dispersed somewhere due to the fighting and have lost contacts. We pray that their family might reunite some time in the future.

Personal info: I will soon be 40!! and I am very happy!! Getting old what a blessing!

I promise to write again soom; it's all for now.

Salaam Takum

fr. Federico Gandolfi OFM