venerdì 24 marzo 2017


We have a new arrival in the house, actually two, a rooster and a hen... and they are a nightmare, not for me but for our watchdog who clearly does not like them, at least alive and freely wandering in the garden. The first night the hen slept on the roof of the house and the morning after flew away - DO NOT TELL ME HENS CANNOT FLY, THEY DO, HERE. The second day she decided to give us a nice egg and the dog ate it...

But first things first: our Parish is getting ready for tomorrow friendly match between us and St. Joseph Parish, every afternoon we have some youth - apparently of the parish but that I've never seen in Church.......... - practicing for the match. As a former very sportive man who understood the importance of sport for the growth of the youth, I have told them that if they lose they better change parish. They laughed, I WAS serious! :-)

domenica 19 marzo 2017


It's 7.24 pm and in my room I have 39 Celsius degree... how nice isn't it?

Anyhow, cannot pretend much by being only 4 degrees above the equator. Yet, rainy season shall start sooner this year and I am really looking forward to it. I prefer mud to dust.

Today has been a good day. I have celebrated two Masses, one in English and one in Bari language and then I was off for a nice italian meal within the WFP compound and guest of two italians who are working here in Juba. I think they live in a  golden cage. Their compound looks very secure and they can access best markets for food, they have a small canteen with satellite tv, AC in all houses, electricity 24h per day, Wi-Fi and so on and so forth the major comforts. Yet they cannot walk around the city, curfew at 7pm, no possibility to take boda-boda (local motorbike taxi), little chance to get in to know local people, no driving (they must have a driver) and so on and so forth some few restrictions for security reason.

I feel free.

Free to spend time with my local friends, free to drive my motorbike or take the boda, free to walk around the city. Free to taste the local street "restaurants...", free to visit the local market and buy local product and so on and so free.

Freedom comes to a cost.

Yet we do have to thank all those people, local and foreigners, who work in and for those golden cages. They are doing a great job in trying to help the South Sudanese population. They are silent workers who provide security and food and some of them have lost their lives, others have been raped and more have been traumatised. This world is strange; it's up to us to see its beauty and work to improve it.

This late afternoon I had been in the parish compound looking at the youth getting ready for their friendly football match this coming saturday, hopefully they'll win... let me not say too much.

Almost time for some dinner here; have a safe night all of you

Abuna Loro

giovedì 16 marzo 2017


Just few days ago I was talking to someone about names, it can be a very important issue! Names have a meaning and have a story, have a past and have a memory to be carried on. For example my name is Federico and I was named after my grand mother. People here carry names according to the time of the year in which they born or if it was raining at the time of birth or what number they are in the family and so on and so forth depending on the different tribes.

I karin kwe Loro (which means the first male born in the family). Beside all that I was telling a friend of mine I really like the name Leonardo, I do not know why, I simply like it.


Last night I got an email from our general curia in Rome saying there is a friar from Brazil who will join our mission here in Juba and whose name is... guess.... Leonardo... how cool!

Moving on

This morning I want to repost a picture I really like:

Being able to dance when life's difficult
the body moves and the mind forgets the hardness
the smile is born in between
small drops of sweat
just a drum rhythm 
and there is a future
and there is hope


What do you do when life is difficult? When you cannot plan for your future because maybe tomorrow a new big fight start again and everything you have planned and hope has just been thrown away from you?

we do not give up! This is what people here are teaching me and it is a life lesson!

Anyway, talking randomly:

1) last week we were give a live rooster during Mass offertory, it died of natural causes the day after - I did not eat it, some people did and they are still alive, i should have eaten it too.

2) A second rooster has been offered to us, he’s a night creature and I hate him, he starts crowing at 2.20 every morning. I am gonna so eat it!!! 

3) the dog, the terrible watchdog is scared of the rooster… so sad

4) a small improvement in the house garden

Probably you are wondering where the improvement is... the very nice wooden fence to protect (me) from the poisonous cactus... I hate those plants!

Well, that's it for now

God bless you all

Abuna Loro

giovedì 9 marzo 2017

3/2017 Difficult times and good news

Yes my dear friends, the country is going through a tough time, yet life blossoms every where. And I think of all the people, the unknown, the voiceless who are able to face one day at a time and find space for a small laugh and a gentle action towards their brothers and sisters. I wonder why in this world the good news are actually never news. We listen to the BBC and many other radio stations and are always full of disasters or bad news. Well we should have a good news radio and I wonder if people would listen to it.

We have people in the parish who take care of one another, I have people in Europe so willing to help here where life is more difficult. There are children who are happy to go to school and families that welcomes other families' children. People who offer jobs and others organising workshops to improve the lives of many; there is so much more going on out there and they are very good events and options and opportunities and inspirational and so on and so forth for the good of many!

Never despair, let your eyes be able to SEE all the good surrounding you!

Peace to all
Aku Freddy