giovedì 9 marzo 2017

3/2017 Difficult times and good news

Yes my dear friends, the country is going through a tough time, yet life blossoms every where. And I think of all the people, the unknown, the voiceless who are able to face one day at a time and find space for a small laugh and a gentle action towards their brothers and sisters. I wonder why in this world the good news are actually never news. We listen to the BBC and many other radio stations and are always full of disasters or bad news. Well we should have a good news radio and I wonder if people would listen to it.

We have people in the parish who take care of one another, I have people in Europe so willing to help here where life is more difficult. There are children who are happy to go to school and families that welcomes other families' children. People who offer jobs and others organising workshops to improve the lives of many; there is so much more going on out there and they are very good events and options and opportunities and inspirational and so on and so forth for the good of many!

Never despair, let your eyes be able to SEE all the good surrounding you!

Peace to all
Aku Freddy

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