giovedì 16 marzo 2017


Just few days ago I was talking to someone about names, it can be a very important issue! Names have a meaning and have a story, have a past and have a memory to be carried on. For example my name is Federico and I was named after my grand mother. People here carry names according to the time of the year in which they born or if it was raining at the time of birth or what number they are in the family and so on and so forth depending on the different tribes.

I karin kwe Loro (which means the first male born in the family). Beside all that I was telling a friend of mine I really like the name Leonardo, I do not know why, I simply like it.


Last night I got an email from our general curia in Rome saying there is a friar from Brazil who will join our mission here in Juba and whose name is... guess.... Leonardo... how cool!

Moving on

This morning I want to repost a picture I really like:

Being able to dance when life's difficult
the body moves and the mind forgets the hardness
the smile is born in between
small drops of sweat
just a drum rhythm 
and there is a future
and there is hope

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