domenica 19 marzo 2017


It's 7.24 pm and in my room I have 39 Celsius degree... how nice isn't it?

Anyhow, cannot pretend much by being only 4 degrees above the equator. Yet, rainy season shall start sooner this year and I am really looking forward to it. I prefer mud to dust.

Today has been a good day. I have celebrated two Masses, one in English and one in Bari language and then I was off for a nice italian meal within the WFP compound and guest of two italians who are working here in Juba. I think they live in a  golden cage. Their compound looks very secure and they can access best markets for food, they have a small canteen with satellite tv, AC in all houses, electricity 24h per day, Wi-Fi and so on and so forth the major comforts. Yet they cannot walk around the city, curfew at 7pm, no possibility to take boda-boda (local motorbike taxi), little chance to get in to know local people, no driving (they must have a driver) and so on and so forth some few restrictions for security reason.

I feel free.

Free to spend time with my local friends, free to drive my motorbike or take the boda, free to walk around the city. Free to taste the local street "restaurants...", free to visit the local market and buy local product and so on and so free.

Freedom comes to a cost.

Yet we do have to thank all those people, local and foreigners, who work in and for those golden cages. They are doing a great job in trying to help the South Sudanese population. They are silent workers who provide security and food and some of them have lost their lives, others have been raped and more have been traumatised. This world is strange; it's up to us to see its beauty and work to improve it.

This late afternoon I had been in the parish compound looking at the youth getting ready for their friendly football match this coming saturday, hopefully they'll win... let me not say too much.

Almost time for some dinner here; have a safe night all of you

Abuna Loro

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  1. Oh and I complain because it is 5.5556 Celsius here! I could not tolerate such heat!
    Yes, Fr. You are free and so are we here. You have taught me many life lessons since you have been in Juba, and I am older and "much" wiser.... or so I thought!!
    God bless you continually.