venerdì 24 marzo 2017


We have a new arrival in the house, actually two, a rooster and a hen... and they are a nightmare, not for me but for our watchdog who clearly does not like them, at least alive and freely wandering in the garden. The first night the hen slept on the roof of the house and the morning after flew away - DO NOT TELL ME HENS CANNOT FLY, THEY DO, HERE. The second day she decided to give us a nice egg and the dog ate it...

But first things first: our Parish is getting ready for tomorrow friendly match between us and St. Joseph Parish, every afternoon we have some youth - apparently of the parish but that I've never seen in Church.......... - practicing for the match. As a former very sportive man who understood the importance of sport for the growth of the youth, I have told them that if they lose they better change parish. They laughed, I WAS serious! :-)

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