martedì 4 aprile 2017

9-2017 Some days are special days

One of the things I have learned here in Africa is community life at its most. Not that I did not know it, I have been a scout most of my life, I studied in a military college, lived on campus at the uni and shared houses with students of different nationalities and culture. Yet, here there's something more. Mainly all over Africa there is this philosophy call Ubuntu which can be to shortly summarized by the phrase “I am because you are”. The life of the individual depends on the whole community; this is a big distinction from our western individualism shaped by a totally different anthropology where the individual is at the centre of his/her own rights. Here “your” life depends on others.

This is to introduce last Saturday parish activity. We finished our new kitchen and after having called everyone on the previous Sunday after Mass, many people “heard the call” and on the 1st of April turned up. We worked and we ate and had laughed and I learned how to make a small building with soil and water. It’s been an extremely pleasant day for me, while for them it their life. What is wrong with our western world? Maybe nothing, maybe we are simply different, but I believe I bit of Ubuntu would be nice all over the world, maybe it should connect the whole world.